If you are looking for programs that improve your overall health, help you manage chronic conditions, help you with lifestyle changes and assist you with maintaining your activity – these programs are for you. We look forward to seeing you in our programs!

Virtual Programs

Back to Movement

This 7-week in-person or virtual physiotherapy led exercise program is targeting clients who have chronic low back pain and are not physically active. The goals of the program are to improve function and quality of life, reduce pain and recurrence of low back pain. The program consists of a weekly 1 hour ‘yoga’ based group exercise program. Ideally participants should be independent with transferring from standing to the floor.

For more information contact:
Mark at 416-604-6438 or Elizabeth at 416-855-1055.

Childbirth Education

A 5-week virtual program for all soon-to-be moms and partners. This program provides information and skills needed for a positive pregnancy, delivery, and early parenting experiences. Topics include: healthy pregnancy, nutrition, labor and delivery, relaxation techniques, preparing for the hospital, bringing baby home, basic baby care, and much more.

For more information contact:
Leah at 416-604-6456

Concerning Cholesterol Virtual

This 5-week virtual program offers education and support for people with high cholesterol. Topics include: nutrition education (including Mediterranean Diet), menu planning, nutrition label reading, physical activity, and stress management workshop led by trained facilitators. This program is offered virtually on OTN.

For more information contact:
Cindy Lui 416-855-1044

Craving Change

This 4-week virtual program is for people struggling with emotional eating. It encourages behavior change through awareness of personal eating triggers. The program addresses why we eat the way we do, without a focus on what, when, where, or how much to eat.

For more information contact:
Yasmin at 416-604-6443

Eating Well During CoViD-19

Five weekly virtual 90-minute sessions on a variety of topics about nutrition: balancing healthy eating, meal times, easy menu planning, navigating food safety, eating on a budget, managing food cravings and mindful eating, and nutrition and immunity.

For more information contact:
Krystyna at 416-855-1058

Families Get Together

This 8-week in-person program promotes healthy weights and healthy living for parents and children 8-10 years old. The program includes information on nutrition, body image, self-esteem, and physical activity. Each session has a one hour exercise component facilitated by a trained instructor.

For more information contact:
Krystyna at 416-855-1058

Food Bank Mondays

The Daily Bread Food Bank, Second Harvest and Four Villages have teamed up to help provide food for anyone in need during these difficult times.

  • Social Distancing and Safety Rules Apply
  • Masks are Required
  • Registration on site
  • Open to anyone!

Every Monday from 5-7pm, at The Four Villages Community Health Centre, Dundas Site, 3446 Dundas Street West.

For more information contact:
Gayle at 416-604-6452 or Junko at 416-604-6453.

Guys Can Cook

This in-person program is for young men ages 14 to 18. Learn to cook for yourself and impress others in this program led by a professional chef and a Registered Dietitian. Make and eat delicious food, gain valuable work experience, earn your food handler certification and get a letter of reference upon program completion.

For more information contact:
Yasmin at 416-604-6443

Healthy Bodies

This 6-week program is for adults ages 25 to 55 who are looking for options beyond crash diets. We focus on healthy eating for a healthy body, physical activity, and stress management. Sessions include a physical activity component with a trained fitness instructor. This program is offered virtually on OTN.

For more information contact:
Cindy at 416- 855-1044

Healthy Parents Healthy Babies (babies 6 - 12 months)

This weekly in-person or virtual program is for pregnant women and women with new babies who are isolated, new to Canada or have financial difficulties. Enjoy weekly presentations about child safety, child development, breastfeeding, baby care, nutrition, cooking and more. The program is staffed by a Registered Nurse, Registered Dietitian and Community Health Worker, and is designed to support women through pregnancy as well as baby’s first year.

(a.m. session for babies 6-12 months, )

For more information contact:
Gayle at 416-604-6452


Join us for a 4-week in-person or virtual program on prevention and management of high blood pressure. You will learn about blood pressure, the DASH diet (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension), how to read food labels, stress management techniques, medications and medication management, and setting goals for yourself and your health. A Registered Dietitian, a Registered Nurse, and an Occupational therapist will facilitate this group.

For more information contact:
Krystyna 416-855-1058

Kids Cooking Club

This 5-week in-person cooking and nutrition education program is for children ages 8 to 12 years old. Want to have fun learning how to cook with your friends? Children learn about food and nutrition in a fun and interactive way.

For more information contact:
Krystyna at 416-855-1058

Legal Clinic

The clinic offers 30 minute free summary advice, information, and referrals on family law, immigration, and employment matters. All appointments are over the phone and interpretation is available.

For more information contact:
Martha at 416-604-6441

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Living Better with Pain

This 6-week in-person physiotherapy led program aims to improve function through self-management support, pain science education, and individualized goal-oriented exercise. This program includes a weekly group appointment, four individual appointments and two follow up sessions at 1 and 3 months, after the completion of the program. Education topics include the science of pain, pain and exercise, stress, sleep and pain, as well as thoughts, emotions and pain. The minimum criteria for a screening appointment include: pain for more than 6 months and the ability to read / write / speak English.

For more information contact:
Mark at 416-604-6438 or Elizabeth at 416-604-1055.

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Mindfulness & Expressive Arts

Tune into what is happening now, both within yourself and around you. This 8-week in-person program will teach you how to be more present and pay attention to everyday life, cope with negative emotions and meditate. The program will also incorporate art based therapeutic techniques.

For more information contact:
Kate at 416-604-6431 and Ela at 416-855-1046.

School Nutrition Education

Are you a teacher interested in inviting a Registered Dietitian into your classroom? This program offers elementary and high school students the opportunity to learn about nutrition and develop cooking skills through hands-on food preparation. Tasting of the prepared food and eating together often facilitate additional discussion on healthy eating practices, exploring new food and learning about food from other cultures.

For more information contact:
Krystyna at 416-855-1058

Staying Active, Staying Strong

The Staying Active, Staying Strong program is for adults and seniors in the community who found themselves isolated and less physically active due to COVID 19. The program is a 6-week in-person modified wellness group supported by research exploring how exercise and mindfulness can maintain or improve your physical and mental health well-being at home. The program includes educational workshops with an exercise component.

For more information contact:
Samantha at 416-855-1052

Surfing Tsunamis

A 20-week virtual DBT skills group. This group is for people who have BPD, BPD traits or challenges with extreme emotion dysregulation and impulsive behaviors. People will need to have their own individual therapist at the time of the group. This group runs in partnership with Davenport Perth Community Health Centre and Flemingdon Health Centre. Please be aware there is a waitlist and to get on the waitlist there will be a phone screening.

For more information contact:
Chantal at 416-604-6440

Time Out

Sometimes parents need time out! Looking for a place where you can focus on yourself, learn new skills and explore your interests? You can find it at Time Out, a weekly virtual drop-in program for parents and parents-to-be ages 29 and under. Join us to share a meal, swap stories and take part in workshops on topics such as sexual health, parenting, life skills, mental wellness and self-care - while your little ones enjoy their own programming.

For more information contact:
Leah at 416-604-6456

Toddler Talks

Join us for monthly workshops on the challenges of parenting your 1 to 3 year old. Topics include difficult behaviour, toilet training, picky eaters and sleep problems.

For more information contact:
Gayle at 416-604-6452

Yoga For 50+

This weekly program is for anyone who wants to relax and rejuvenate with a guided meditation and breathing exercise with gentle yoga on chair.

For more information contact:
Junko at 416-604-6453

Youth Cooking Club

Let’s cook together! Join us for hands-on cooking with a dietitian and learn about healthy eating. This 4-week in-person program is for youth ages 13 to 18. Registration is required.

For more information contact:
Cindy at 416-855-1044

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Please Note

  • Programs are offered at various times throughout the year.
  • Some programs may be available infrequently based on demand.
  • Please call the contact person indicated for additional program information.