Our Vision

To be a leader in building an inclusive, sustainable and healthy community.

Our Mission

Committed to the social determinants of health, The Four Villages Community Health Centre provides accessible, interdisciplinary primary health care, improving individual and community health.

As an accredited, community based, publicly funded organization, we lead, advocate and engage in innovative collaborative approaches and partnerships.


  • work with individuals to access integrated programs and services that promote wellness;
  • promote social inclusion, change and justice;
  • contribute to building community capacity;
  • promote a healthy and sustainable environment.

Our Values



We meet the needs of our clients and the community by fostering strategic partnerships, building on integration efforts and community expertise.


We value everyone as a unique individual with the intrinsic right to respect and inclusion.


We advocate, encourage and support everyone in achieving their goals and potential.


We conduct our work to provide high quality and innovative services and programs. We ensure accountable, efficient and effective use of resources.


Everyone is entitled to human rights and justice regardless of individual differences. We work to safeguard these rights by addressing the root causes of exclusion, and to attain and preserve human dignity to achieve equity.