At Four Villages, we work hand-in-hand to provide the kind of coordinated help that addresses all of our clients’ health needs. Providers consult with each other and work in close collaboration to provide continuous care and interdisciplinary planning of services and programs. They also liaise and refer to other agencies, institutions and health care providers in the community. The Building Healthier Organizations (BHO) accreditation process completed in May 2010 acknowledged that Four Villages has achieved excellence in our client-centred approach to care and the accessiblity of our programs and services


Our Team Includes:


Family Physicians

Physicians work with our interdisciplinary team to provide preventative and Primary care (such as periodic health exams, health education, immunizations, well baby visits etc), as well as acute and chronic illness management (such as diabetes care, heart disease, asthma and /or COPD etc ). We provide care for pregnant and new mothers, new babies, children and adults. We are also able to offer home visits for those too frail to leave their homes.

Nurse Practitioners

Nurse Practitioners (NPs) are registered nurses with master’s degree preparation and certification in Primary Health Care. NPs diagnose and treat acute illnesses, provide treatment, on-going support and monitoring for chronic conditions (e.g., diabetes and heart disease) and health education to individuals and families. They offer preventative care such as checkups, cancer screening and immunizations for well babies, children and adults and provide care for pregnant and new mothers. NPs make home visits to clients who are too frail to leave their homes.

NPs function independently within our inter-professional team and can prescribe medications without restriction, order laboratory and diagnostic imaging tests, complete medical forms, and refer to specialists/specialty clinics.

Registered Nurses

Nurses provide health assessments and support for healthy people as well as those who are ill with acute or chronic conditions. Nurses can also assist with treatment if appropriate. Their main focus is on education, promotion of better health and assistance in solving health concerns. Nurses also help connect clients with services and programs at Four Villages and in the community. As with all our other providers, nurses can be involved with group programs and do home visits.

At Four Villages, two of our nurses are specialized: one in care coordination and the other in caring for pregnant women and young children

  • Our Primary Care Coordinator works closely with individuals who have complex health care needs, alongside their family members/support people and all the specialists and organizations involved, to help coordinate care among the network of providers and help the client access services they need.
  • Our Early Years Nurse provides pre and post natal support and is our breastfeeding specialist.  

Chiropodists and Foot Care Nurse Specialist

The chiropodists and the foot care nurse specialist focus on foot maintenance and encourage on-going mobility. Treatments such as removal of corns, calluses, warts, fungal nails, ingrown toenails and rehabilitation of foot injuries are carried out. Shoe modifications and custom orthotics are prescribed for clients.


Physiotherapists are movement experts who help individuals of all ages attain optimal function by providing assessment and treatment for movement and pain related issues. At Four Villages, physiotherapists are also involved in group education programs aimed at promoting health and well-being in areas such as: injury prevention; movement awareness; postural control, and chronic pain management.

Occupational Therapist

The term “occupation” is used to mean all the activities that a person does in everyday life such as self-care, work and leisure. The occupational therapist (OT) works with people to achieve an independent, productive and satisfying lifestyle by identifying factors which support or limit a person’s ability to manage everyday occupations.


Dietitians are involved with those aspects of health related to food and nutrition. They can advise clients about specific dietary changes for the treatment of conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, anemia, obesity or for general healthy eating. They offer group nutrition education and work at the community level to improve access to food.

Social Workers / Therapists

Social workers provide counselling for adults and children, couples and families on various emotional issues, conduct assessments, referrals and home visits. They also assist clients with connecting to various resources related to finances, housing, home supports, and immigration. Social workers advocate for clients when needed and encourage clients to help themselves.

Community Health Workers

Community health workers facilitate educational workshops, groups and information sessions. They provide accompaniment, translation and home visits, conduct extensive outreach to isolated individuals and families, and advocate for and with clients who face barriers accessing health care services. Community health workers also provide information, resources and referrals.