Our Team - Registered Nurses

Registered nurse at Four VillageOur nurses are one of the first stops for clients at Four Villages. Nurses help keep the whole family healthy, in all stages of life. They may speak to you on the phone about any health concerns, and see you for regular check-ups and times when you're sick with a sore throat, cold or flu.

Nurses also work actively with your doctor or nurse practitioner in helping you manage your long-term health problems, will review test results with you and give advice on medication that you take. They are happy to answer your health questions and will provide education about things you can do at home to stay healthy between visits. Our nurses also help people with regular health exams, sexual health concerns and cancer screening.

Nurses at Four Villages are part of shared care clinics where each visit is shared between seeing a nurse and seeing your doctor or nurse practitioner. These clinics are held for well-people of all ages as part of their regular health exams and pregnant women for their prenatal checkups. Our nursing team includes registered nurses and registered practical nurses.