Our Team - Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist working with clientPhysiotherapists keep your body moving! They help you move more easily, have less pain and do the activities you enjoy. Physiotherapists see people of all ages. They help people with their conditions or injuries to get them back to being active and enjoying life.

Our physiotherapists see people who have pain or difficulty moving for many reasons including problems with bones, muscles or joints, and also conditions affecting breathing (like COPD), the nervous system (like stroke) or metabolism (like diabetes).  They help people with injuries or conditions that have happened recently or that have been a challenge for a while. They do this by helping people move in the right way and become stronger and more flexible. Our physiotherapists will tell you about your condition or injury, give you exercises to do at home, and provide hands-on treatment as you need it.

At Four Villages, Physiotherapy can be done one-on-one or in group sessions; either way, you will be taught how to manage your pain or condition. Group sessions are offered for people living with COPD (Living Better with COPD), osteoarthritis in hips and knees (Good Living with Arthritis – GLAD), low back pain (Back to Movement), balance problems (Strong and Steady) and chronic pain (Living Better with Pain).