About the Four Villages Community Health Centre

We are a non-profit, community governed, primary health care agency. Since 1991 we have been providing health care services and programs to individuals and families living in West Toronto. Many of our services and programs focus on the needs of seniors, families with young children (particularly newcomers) and youth.

We have a team of health care professionals to look after all your health care needs including regular check-ups, physical and mental health care, and a variety of programs that can help you improve your health and help you feel better.

Our team looks at your whole health - both your physical and mental well-being - and treats your health concerns as they come up. This can help avoid more serious illnesses. By having our primary health care team work together, this interdisciplinary team-based approach lets you get the care you need, by the right provider, when you need it.

Four Villages is accredited by the Canadian Centre for Accreditation (CCA), and has achieved excellence in our client-centred approach to care and the accessibility of our programs and services.

Who We Are

We are a team of primary health care professionals including Chiropodists (foot care); Clinical Assistants; Community Health Workers; Dietitians; Doctors; Nurse Practitioners; Occupational Therapist; Physiotherapists; Registered Nurses; Registered Practical Nurses; and Social Workers/Therapist and administrative staff.

What We Do

We see people for regular health care visits, and treatment and prevention of sickness and on-going conditions.

How We Do It

Our inter-professional team provides health care services and group programs for our community. We offer team-based care for individuals and groups at our two sites and many locations throughout the community. We work together with partner organizations and community residents to ensure your care is coordinated, integrated and accessible. This coordinated approach to health care ensures that you receive the right care by the right provider, when and where you need it.

Why We Do It

We want to build a healthier and more inclusive community.

We believe that health is more than physical wellbeing and that’s why our care also looks at your emotional, psychological and spiritual wellbeing as well as your physical health needs. We also address social determinants of health  because they directly impact everyone’s health and wellbeing.

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See Our Annual Report to the Community

Each year we set performance indicators to monitor progress toward our strategic priorities. By measuring and identifying opportunities for improvement, we demonstrate our commitment to providing high quality, coordinated health care services to the diverse communities we serve.

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