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Services: At Four Villages our focus is on keeping you healthy, not just treating you when you are sick. We offer a team of health care providers who work together to take care of your health.

Learn more about Our Team of Chiropodists (foot care); Clinical Assistant; Community Health Workers; Dietitians; Doctors; Nurse Practitioners; Occupational Therapist; Physiotherapists; Registered Nurses; Registered Practical Nurses; Social Workers/Therapist and Intake Worker.

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Programs: Anyone in our community may register for a program at Four Villages. We have group programs for all ages that provide education, techniques and practical tips for physical/mental health improvement.

Some of the programs we run include yoga, cooking workshops for healthy eating, mindfulness, mother and child programs, and pain management. Anyone in our community can register for our programs.

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How Can I Register?

We serve residents in the Roncesvalles, Swansea, Bloor West and Junction communities.

Services: To see a doctor or nurse practitioner at Four Villages, we accept people who live in our service area who don’t already have a family doctor or nurse practitioner in the City of Toronto, or people whose family doctor is closing their practice.

If you have a doctor or nurse practitioner somewhere else but want to see another health care professional on our team at Four Villages, a referral is required.

Programs: Anyone in our community may register for a program at Four Villages.

If you’re interested in getting health care or joining a group program please call us at 416-604-0640.

After Hours Care

If you see a doctor or nurse practitioner at Four Villages and have an urgent health concern that cannot wait until the clinic opens, you can call our after-hours phone service for medical advice.

After hours answering service:

One of our doctors will call back within 60 minutes to offer advice over the phone.

In an emergency go to your nearest hospital ER, or call 911.

Current Programs

PLEASE NOTE: all in-person programs are cancelled. Details about virtual group programs will be updated here shortly.


What Are Community Health Centres?

A Community Health Centre (CHC) provides primary health care for everyone. The CHC model is based on universal, equitable and accessible health care. This means that a CHC provides services to community residents like health care and programs that can help them feel better, no matter their life situation or financial status.

Community Health Centre staff believe in the concept of whole health and a preventative approach to care. They look at both your physical and mental wellbeing and address your health concerns as they come up to help prevent more serious illnesses.

Learn More about Community Health Centres and the model of care link to page on CHCs.